Intergalactic vs Hexa

Of the many themes that are available on, two of my favorite themes so far would have to be Intergalactic and Hexa. Intergalactic is a standalone theme while Hexa has two other themes that are similar to it. These two similar themes being Quadra and Circa. The main difference between Hexa, Quadra, and Circa is that each theme focuses on a particular shape.

In terms of aesthetics both themes are very different from each other. Intergalactic is a bold, high-contrast theme that is designed to make your content easily readable. Hexa is a relatively simple, colorful, and responsive theme that focuses on hexagons.

In terms of features, both themes share many common features with each other such as custom backgrounds, colors, and headers, infinite scrolling, and featured images. However, there are some features that are unique to each theme.

Features that are unique to Intergalactic include:

  •  Accessibility Ready
  • Featured Image Header

Features that are unique to Hexa include:

  • Editor Style
  • Sticky Posts

Although there is not a lot of difference in unique features for both themes it is up to personal preference when choosing which theme to use for your blog.