The Music of the Persona Series

In a previous post I mentioned that music is personally one of my favorite aspects of video games. One of may favorite video game series when it comes to music is Atlus’s Persona series. One of the best parts of the series when it comes to its music is that the music in each game has its own unique feel to it that matches the overall theme of each game and the various characters and scenarios that you encounter.

Of all of the music that appears throughout the series, the song that appears the most often and is the most well known of the series is “Aria of the Soul”.


“Aria of the Soul” is the theme that plays in the Velvet Room, a space located in-between the real world and the realm of the unconsciousness. The Velvet Room is where the player manages spiritual beings named Personas that are a physical manifestation of an individual’s personality. In the Velvet Room players can take personas that they have obtained by various means such as defeating enemies in dungeons and fuse them together to create stronger, more powerful personas.  The Velvet Room also contains the Persona Compendium, which is an encyclopedia of personas that the player has obtained. Any persona listed in the Persona Compendium can be re-summoned for a fee that varies depending of the persona’s characteristics such as its level. The Velvet Room is run by a man named Igor who is a servant of Philemon, who is a physical manifestation of humankind’s positive qualities.  Igor is in charge of the service of persona fusion while his assistants manage the Persona Compendium. The Velvet Room has had a number of assistants aiding Igor throughout the series but two particular assistants of his that have become quite popular with fans are Elizabeth from Persona 3 and Margaret from Persona 4.

The video below from ShirkingSloth on is a compilation of the many variations of “Aria of the Soul” that have appeared throughout the series since the first game on the PlayStationOne.


This video from Tensei017 on Youtube is a 30-minute long extension of my favorite version of “Aria of the Soul” which is named Blues in the Velvet Room which is a unused song from Persona 3 which was later used for the character select screen in Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.